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Altaf Ahmed Shaikh (SINDHI الطاف شيخ) is a sindhi scholar and travel writer from pakistan. His first book on travel was Munhnjo Saagar Munhnjo Sahil, which was published in 1971, and won the PakistanWriters Guild Award.

Altaf Shaikh............... Life Profile
Altaf Ahmed Shaikh know as Altaf Shaik ) is a Pakistani marine Engineer and travelogues Author who served as the Marine Engineer, Principal of Pakistan National Shipping Corporation (P.N.S.C.) College, Karachi, Pakistan, as well as officer incharge, visiting faculty in different countries. He is the famous writer of the travelogues books in Sindhi language. He has written almost 65 books in Sindhi, Urdu and English, mostly on travelouges of different Countries
He educated at Universities of Pakistan, Marine Academy Chittagong Bangladesh, World Maritime university, malmo, Sweden, Japan, London, Norway, Netherlands and Germany.

He is honoured with different awards and prizes from different organizations of different countries.

Now he is passing retirement life, writing memoirs of Sea voyages and travelogues of places visited during service.

Early life

Education career
Primary Education

Secondary Education

Higher Secondary Education

B.A. From University of Sindh, Jamshoro, Sindh, Pakistan.
Professional Education
Marine Engineering from Marine Academy, Chittagong; Bangladesh (Former East Pakistan)
M.Sc degree in Maritime Safety Administration (Engineering), From World Maritime University, Malmo; Sweden.
First Class Engineer (Motors) Certificates of Competency for Sailing as Chief Engineer on Foreign Going Vessels.
Passed A.M.I.E (Mechanical Engineering) examination from the institute of Engineers, London
L.L.B. degree from University of Sindh, Jamshoro, Sindh, Pakistan.
Diploma in Digital Computer Techniques from Institute of Marine Engineers, London and the Institute of Naval Architects, England.
"Construction, Operation & Maintenance of machines" Course from I.H.I Shipyard, Tokyo, Japan.
Veritas (Classification & Survey) training at DNV Centre, Hovik, Norway.
Training of Various Survey work covering essential items concerning "Safety of life at Sea" and the "Protection of the Marine Environment" from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.
A short course on Maritime Fire protection, Fire Detection & Fire Extinction at Malmo, Sweden.
Field Survey Training at NKK (Nippon Kaiji Kyokai) Classification Society, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
Marine Automation Course from Research Institute for Ship operation, Flensburg, Germany.

Service Career
Joined Pakistan National Shipping Corporation as junior marine Engineer in 1968 till Chief Engineer in 1976 and served on various ships for about 12 years.
Senior lecturer & Principal P.N.S.C. Marine College, Karachi, Pakistan
Officer Incharge Engineering Dept. Maritime Academy malaysia, malacca, from 1983 to 1990.
Visiting Professor Ungko omar Polytechnic institute, Perak; during above stay in Malaysia.
Officer Incharge Marine Engineering Department, Pakistan Academy, Mauripur, Karachi, Pakistan
Retired as General manager Pakistan National Shipping Corporation, Karachi, Pakistan.

Affiliation With Professional Institutes & Societies
Member of The marine Engineering Society, Japan
Member of The Society of Naval Architectures, Japan
Member of The Canadian Institute of Marine Engineers; Canada
Member of Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, Singapore.
Associate member of the Institute of Marine Engineers, London.
Associate member of The Institute of Marine Engineers, U.K.
Member of Singapore Institute of Engineering Technologists, Singapore.
Member of the Chartered institute of Transport, Singapore.
Member of Institute Keluatan (Mariners) Malaysia.

Literary Services
Author of more than 65 books published in Sindhi, Urdu and English, mostly travelogues of different countries.
Some of the books are prescribed for B.A. and M.A. Syllabus of Sindh University, Jamshoro and Karachi University, Karachi; Pakistan
Regular Columns of Daily Pakistan Post, Ummat, Ibrat and Kawish

Literary Awards & Prizes
Pakistan writers Guild prize for the "Best Book of the year"
Kenjhar Award for Travelogue Writings.
Malaysian Official Award PJK (Pingat Jasa Kebaktian) for literary and social services during 8 years stay in Malaysia as head of Marine Engineering Department Maritime Academy Malaysia.
Life long literary Services. Award by United Memon Jamait, Karachi.
SGA (Sindh Graduate Association) Literary Award

Published Books
1. اناميڪا
2. منهنجو ساگر، منهنجو ساحل 33. جت جر وهي ٿو جال
3. پيار جي گھٽ 34. يادن جي انڊلٺ
4. وايون وڻجارن جون 35. ڳالهيون آهن ڳچ
5. سي ٻيڙيون رکين ٻاجھه سين 36. اي جرني ٽو ٿائيلينڊ
6. دنيا آهي ڪاڪ مهل 37. اوهريا جي عميق ڏي
7. سمونڊ جن ساڻيھه 38. اڇن جي ملڪ م اسين ڪارا
8. بندر بازارون 39. ملير کان مالمو
9. سي ئي جوڀن ڏينهن 40. جت ڀرف پئي ٿي جام
10. بندر ديسان ديس 41. ڪراچيءَ کان ڪوپن هيگن
11. خبرون کيڙائون جون 42. ارائونڊ دي ورلڊ
12. ڪويت ڪنارا 43. رٺي آهي گھوٽ سان
13. ڇاجو ديس ڇاجو وديس 44. يورپ جا ڏينهن يورپ جون راتيون
14. جاني ته جھاز ۾ 45. اي روڊ ٽو مدينا
15. جپان جن جي جيءَ سان 46. هيلسنڪي جي حسينا
16. ڳالهيون تنهن جپان جون 48. سنگاپور ٿو سڏ ڪري
17. خدا ڏي خط 49. آل ابائوٽ سنگاپور
18. جپان رس 50. ملائيشيا منهنجي من م
19. سانڀاهو سمونڊ جو 51. ڀلي پار تان ڀيرو
20. موجھ نه سهي مڪڙي 52. هي ٻيٽ هي ڪنارا
21. الطاف شيخ جي نوٽ بڪ تان 53. بوتلن جو سفر
22. بهترين سفرناما 54. سوزيءَ سان پيار
23. لنڊن تائين لفٽ 55. جل پريون
24. ٻارن جون آکاڻيون 56. ملائيشيا 12 سالن بعد
25. ٽوڪيو جي گيشا گرل 57. تيسيتائين گڊباءِ
26. مڪليءَ کان ملاڪا تائين 58. جپان پنجويھه ورهين بعد
27. سنگاپور ويندي ويندي 59. ڪراچيءَ کان ڪوڪورا
28. ڪوالاالمپور ڪجھ ڪوھ 60. دهليءَ جو درشن
29. ماستر هريام جو بئنڪاڪ وڃڻ 61. سمندر ڪي دن سمندر ڪي راتين
30. دنگيءَ منجھ درياھه 62۔ ملائيشيا ڪي دن
31. ڏاهي جھرڪي ۽ ٻيون آکاڻيون 63. يورپ ڪي دن
32. سمونڊ جي سيوين 64. ڪراچي سي ڪوپن هيگن
65. Proverbs of Far East